Our innovation teams create, customize and deploy technology to deliver visual, tactical and process innovation across every phase of in-store execution.

Customizing Technology

Beyond just utilizing technology, GFX is creating it, developing it – coding, customizing and evolving it. Your chain deserves a partner at the forefront of innovation. A partner with access to the most cutting-edge solutions prior to general market launch. A partner whose feedback and benchmarks are driving next level technology design and module customization. Congratulations – you found us!

When GFX innovation teams aren’t coding our own proprietary software solutions, we are setting the standards for the sophisticated industry professionals who are. As an advance beta-site for the newest software and equipment iterations, our team is driving R&D and final optimization for digital asset management, virtual proofing, on-demand variable data deployment, lean manufacturing and warehouse management systems. Fueled by a customized ERP system, our fully integrated workflow manages everything from automated content creation and file sharing to smart distribution and installation management.

Process Innovation

Time and again our team has proved that innovating in-store often means allowing for less – less touch points, less redundancy, less room for error, less time, less money. This is the backbone of process innovation. It’s all about simplification. Our process innovation teams map existing workflow hierarchy and audit stakeholder touch points. The goal is to strip down to the essentials and then automate, automate, automate.

The result? More.

More time. More resources. More confidence. GFX process innovation affords design, visual merchandising, marketing and store planning teams more time for creativity, more resources for scenario forecasting & contingency planning and more confidence for data-based decision making. What could your team do with more? Build a partnership with GFX – you’ll find out.

Visual Innovation

Visual innovation is about authenticating. It’s about getting to the root of a retailer’s or brand’s value and then staying true to it. Our visual innovation teams are doing just that, across a wide platform of creative services: in-store brand strategy & messaging, environmental design, unique localization, prop & artifact sourcing and custom photography – including talent sourcing and location scouting.

Your chain’s value is unique. GFX visual innovation doesn’t just recognize that uniqueness, we deliver campaign and décor solutions that tout it in-store.

Tactical Innovation

Custom 3D engineering for new in-store elements, value engineering for existing ones, fit & function testing, substrate & material validating – this is where tactical innovation lives. Our tactical innovation teams sweat the mechanical details and nothing excites them more than building a prototype our competition said couldn’t be done.

These teams are constantly asking “why?” and they always always have an answer for “how?”. Want to talk in-direct food contact validation for table tops? Or slip & fall indemnification for graphic flooring solutions? Our tactical professionals are on the ready.

Take your in-store ideas from wire frame to reality – without the headache. GFX tactical innovation does it everyday.