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Fast Casual and Quick Service Vertical


Fast Casual and Quick Service Vertical

Simplifying Chain Store Complexities

Chain complexity in the Fast Casual and Quick Service vertical is all about localized menu pricing, unique product offerings, and franchise customization. We get it. To win in the food & beverage game, franchise chains need to be flexible enough to execute market versioning, nimble enough to respond to competitor moves and sophisticated enough to track all the variable data.

GFX Symphony® delivers against all these challenges and offers campaign speed-to-market as standard. After all, flexibility, nimbleness, and sophistication only matter if the message delivery is quick and relevant.

Bakery-Cafe Chain Saves Over $2 Million Annually

With a door count over 1,700 and a 60:40 corporate-to-franchise mix, one of America’s most beloved bakery-café chains sought an efficient solution for distributing corporate POP material to every location while also allowing for franchisee customization at the local level.

GFX Symphony® made all this possible and more! Deploying every module the software has to offer, chain associates at the corporate and field level utilize GFX Symphony® everyday. Implementation of the software solution has translated to an annual cost savings of $2,000,000 for the chain.

  • 7 system-wide promotional programs executed annually
  • 30,000 customized variable-data graphics per program


  • $480,000 savings in management & analyst time
  • $800,000 savings in production & freight spend
  • $900,000 savings in manufacturing efficiencies