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GFX Sustainability

SGP Proud

GFX achieved industry-coveted SGP certification in 2010. Only the 27th company in the nation to be certified, our dedication to sustainability is a badge of honor. SGP certification is reserved for committed companies who demonstrate best practices in sustainability and meet strict criteria covering product, process and facility benchmarks.


New Recycling Streams Make An Impact

Aggressive recycling efforts at GFX are undeniable. The design and production firm recycled 15% more material in 2015 over 2014 and 40% more over its 2008 baseline year.

The year-over-year 2015 gain translates to over 33 tons or 66,000 lbs. of material. GFX put a major emphasis on identifying new recycling streams, and attributes this effort to its recycling achievements in 2015. Beyond routing paper and plastic product through a traditional recycling chain, the veteran screen printer and digital imaging house also reassessed its process for client requested material purging. By encouraging brands and retailers to invest in kit breakdown and item sorting prior to disposal, GFX was able to identify more material eligible for recycling. This level of client consultation and education has contributed to a 63% decrease in landfill waste, from our baseline year metrics to 2015.

& Chemicals

More Units. Less Waste. Fewer Chemicals.

A Multi-Technology Production Facility, GFX Confirms 
its Strong Commitment to Sustainability.

While overall production units increased by 39% from our baseline metrics for our 2010 certification, a strong indicator the company’s leadership stance is alive and well in the industry, year over year screen print outputs held steady. It was digital technology, requiring less chemical emissions and less production waste, driving the output surge. With aggressive investments in digital equipment, GFX seemingly defied math – producing more while simultaneously reducing environmental impact. Chemical consumables are down 51% at GFX, from 2010 to 2015. Ink consumables, which should have increased by over 30% to account for the uptick in production activity, saw a mere 12% increase in 2015.


Clean Air, Less Water — Not A Fad.

Proof the company’s Green commitment is here to stay, both air and water sustainability metrics at GFX have repeatedly achieved year-over-year improvement.

GFX continues to maintain its 2009 elimination of HAP (hazardous air pollutants) content from all chemicals used in its operations. More impressively, Volatile Organic Compound emissions have consistently decreased year after year, from 2008 to the present. By installing new digital imaging equipment with a smaller environmental footprint, GFX reduced voe emissions by almost 10% in 2015 and aggregate VOC’s are down over 63% since GFX’s 2008 baseline year. In addition to cleaner air, GFX is minimizing water consumption with concerted efforts on process improvement. Water utility levels have decreased over 65% since 2008.