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WE simplify retail chain complexities

With no two store locations being exactly alike, chain variations can be a struggle when it comes to providing accurate distribution of graphic and display assets. GFX’s proprietary cloud-based system, GFX Symphony®, simplifies the complexity that exists throughout your retail chain and enables “Smart Distribution” by collecting and analyzing site-specific data then cross referencing item specifications to be distributed. It centralizes all your store data and puts it at your fingertips, turning it into actionable intelligence for your entire organization—from marketing to merchandising to construction and field teams. 

because no two stores are exactly the same

See what makes GFX Symphony® the most powerful “Smart Distribution” technology in the industry.

because no two stores are exactly the same

See what makes GFX Symphony® the most powerful “Smart Distribution” technology in the industry.


GFX Symphony® is designed to tame the chaos of the complex store environments by orchestrating simplicity out of complexity. The larger your footprint, the greater the potential for improvement – with each and every campaign you need to execute. With GFX Symphony®, you’ll know exactly what’s needed in the field – no more, no less.

/ Data at Your Fingertips /

Accurate tracking of in­-store visual assets and site­-specific profile data for every door in the chain leads to better cost forecasting, risk mitigation, and smarter in­-store decisions.

/ Zero Obsolescence /

Stop warehousing marketing campaign materials that don’t get used. We can print and deliver what you need and where you need it, eliminating wasteful spending with every campaign.

/ No More Spreadsheets /

With GFX Symphony® provides you with “Smart Distribution” by cross-referencing item specifications to be distributed and site-specific data to build accurate distribution sets across your entire chain or just segments of it.

/ Streamline The Process /

GFX Symphony® will help your organization streamline everything from proofing to timelines to fulfillment. You’ll deliver campaigns that hit the market more quickly and cost less.

/ Dynamic Budgeting /

Real-time in-store profile data leads to more accurate budgeting and cost savings. Our customers experience on average a 20% cost savings across their entire operation!

/ Automated Content Creation /

We free up your design team so they can…well, design. GFX Symphony® facilitates unique store versioning, franchisee customization and local market messaging through it proprietary Automated Content Creation feature. 

We Help Make Your Entire Supply Chain More Efficient & Productive

Marketing, Visual Merchandising,
Production and Construction Teams

GFX Symphony® provides you with a suite of comprehensive modules that impact all phases of your operation.

Regional, District & Store Managers,
Owner-operators and Franchisees

GFX Symphony® provides your field team with powerful tools to assure that each marketing campaign is executed properly.


GFX Symphony® has had a profound impact on retailers who have simplified the way they deal with retail chain complexities.  It is transforming their operation as well as their balance sheet.

What impact can GFX Symphony® have on your company?